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13 and a wagon


13 in the Living Room

13 is a cat, and is one of the main characters in the Zimmer Twins. He is black in color, has a pink mouth, whiskers, and lime-green eyes. After the Zimmer Twins adopted him, he gave them psychic powers, and learned to talk, although it is currently unknown how.

13's Personality

Not much is known about 13's true personality. According to Aaron Leighton from the YouTube video "The Making of the Zimmer Twins", he claims that "13 is just there, their loving pet, who often seems to be there in the wrong place at the wrong time". And when you go to the "Extras" page on the ZT website, there will be a page that is titled "All About 13". When you actually go click on it, it just leaves you with a gif of 13 sleeping on the floor, thinking about fish bones. This leaves the users lots of creative freedom with 13, but commonly in movies that include him, he is shown as a happy and fun extrovert (this is actually shown in The Golden Idol Awards).

13 loves fish, cat food and tofu, and tends to eat them a lot. He can speak in English fluently, unlike most cats. He can do just about anything the Zimmer Twins can.
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