13's Food Rap
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Movie Type: Mini-series
Premiere: July 7, 2013
Finale: July 16, 2013
Parts: 3

13's Food Rap by rad256 is a mini-series. It is fairly popular.


13's Food Rap was a movie made by Rad in July 2013. It became a must see. He decided to make it a mini series.

It ended at 3 parts.


Part 1

Eva is hosting a talent show. The first person to compete is Edgar. He dances, but falls and is booed of stage. 13 is the second contestant, and he raps. Edgar, who is now backstage, warns that this is going to be a terrible performance.

13's rap was very funny, and in the end it turns out that Edgar was pretending to be 13 in a cat costume. Eva asks "If you were 13, who was you?". The Alien then chuckles, indicating that he was the one pretending to be Edgar.

Part 2

Edgar is mad at the Alien for impersonating him, even though he impersonated 13, which makes him a bit of a hypocrite. Edgar challenges the Alien too a rap battle. Even though their raps are short and stupid (especially in the first round) the Alien is chosen as the winner.

In the end, the Wizard runs on stage, saying that the Alien hasn't gone against him yet. Eva is happy, because "another part means more money".

Part 3

The Wizard and Alien have a rap battle. The Wizard wins. The Mme Psycho rushes in, and says she would like to go against the Wizard.

She doesn't even rap, she sings a yodel-like song. Eva then says that she wants to retire, after hearing Mme's bad voice.