This article is about the trolls that invaded iStreet (a chat run by ZT Users (mainly Vik19 until the end of 2012.) It is also about the July 2012 hackings.


Starting May 2012, trolls started invading the iStreet chat, the most known being Independence of Quebec and his brother. The most famous people who fought them are eebbee, rad256, Blahbumian and others.

Soon more trolls started coming. Agent Lin, Canadian Police, and others invaded.


A troll, I Like B****** soon started to try and hack the chat. This was in Mid-July 2012. His accomplice, Evvie did a lot of bad. Rad was on vacation at the time, so his computer didn't get affected, unlike others. It's not clear who won the hack battle, however the chat was irreversibly damaged and closed down soon after. The current chat used by ZT users is chat Sarcy

Rumors and Conspiracies

Some people think that Theodore has something to do with the trolls and hackers. Rad provided pretty good evidence. Even though Theodore is now mean and breaks rules, people still doubt he had something to do with this. Zimmer Twins hacker value432 came on the chat during the time he was hacking ZT, so many think he might have something to do with this. Glitch/Jed, who is Evvie's boyfriend helped Vik during the hackings. He later told Rad, who was investigating the case that Evvie worked with Theodore. Many didn't believe this. Other suggestions are that Rue, who returned to iStreet and ZT in July, might have had something to do with this, or Vik19 himself. This was also thought to have had something to do with ZT hackers Boss, Stormrox and ZT troll RueDum.

Note: We don't advise you to believe any of these rumors! Most aren't backed up at all!