Boss is a very dangerous hacker that appeared on ZT between late 2010 and early 2011. The date of his coming to ZT was unknown. His first act on ZT was hacking several users. Then, he targeted Rue and started to hack him numerous times. The first time, he made Rue threaten other users and made bad movies. This hacker also did some activities on xat chats where he threatened to hack ZT users. His actions caused fear across ZT. The second time he hacked Rue was disasterous. He made Rue threaten a lot of people and made To: movies that are addressed to certain users. He was stopped by the ZT mods who saved Rue's account. He was never heard again for about two years, until July 10th 2012. Boss went onto Vik19's XAT chat and started threatening people. His new targets are eebbee, Vik19 and Rue. He chose these targets because they did not believe he could hack and they thought he was full of lies. Boss is controling someone named Canadian Police. Boss claims he has something called a "Death Ring". It is unknown if the boss that appeared on Vik19's chat is fake or not. It was found out that RueDum (a known ZT troll) was pretending to be Boss.


A former ZT user named Stormrox (a controversial user on the .ca website) announced his opinion about Boss on a xat chat. He said that Rue is Boss and he's pretending to be hacked just to get attention. Another rumor made by several users is that a suspicious user named Nikehot is Boss himself or is working with Boss. It is unknown if these rumors are true or not. Other rumors include that Theodore has something to do with this. rad256 suggested this when Theodore started being mean and breaking rules on chats, and he gathered a lot of detective clues. Not many people believe him, since most people agree that Theodore would never do this, but Rad gathered some pretty decent evidence about Theodore being a troll called Agent Lin. A man who was once Vik's friend said that Theodore was involved with the hackings. The friend knows this because his girlfriend (Evvie) was the main hacker along with her co-worker, I Like ******. However, nobody believes this.