Character Survival is a series by GamingCash.

About Character Survival

In Character Survival, a series on Zimmer Twins, 10 people sign up to be in an ultimate series that will have a new and crazy host each season. Matt Pat is the host of season 1 but won't be in Season 2. In Character Survival, eliminations are every 4 episodes, but then it goes down to two as the season goes on. 

Future Plans for Character Survival

As you know Character Survival Season 2 won't have Matt Pat as the host. The current name for the host for season 2 is EC, which is short for Evil Cat. Another plan for future seasons is the season will start off with teams then in the middle of the season the teams will end. By season 5 Character Survival Volume | will be released on youtube which is an edit of seasons 1-5. When Season 6 starts none of the characters from previous seasons are allowed in, because every 5 seasons the cast is refreshed.

Season 1 Winner!

Season 1 just ended and the Winner is John!

 Season 2 Winner!

Season 2 just ended and the winner is Captain! 

Season 3 Winner!

Season 3 just ended  and the winner is Devo!

Season 4 Winner!

Season 4 just ended and the winner is Jackie!