General Information
Gender: Male
Born: July 31, 2000 (age 16)
in St Joseph, Missouri, USA
Lives in: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Ethnicity: Polish-American
Religion: None (Atheism)
Zimmer Twins Information
Movies: 1,428
Crowd Pleasers: Unknown
Must Sees: 0
Points: Unknown
Membership Status: Inactive

Eebbee was a famous user that used to go on Zimmer Twins. He first got a VIP membership on April 2, 2010. He is famous for his friendships with other famous users. With most "old" users gone, he has left Zimmer Twins. Even though he has quit, he is still active with Zimmer Twins and former ZT users on xat and his forum The Fano Nation


In 2009, when ZT had a partnership with Qubo, he saw an ad for it on Qubo's website. He then decided to join.


In March 2010, VIP memberships came along. He got one on April 2, 2010 and he quickly rose to fame. He was on during the Ramonafan, Pigle33 and Boss riots. He later made friends with other famous users, such as Qubo_Kart, Theodore and Blahbumian. Later that year, he started using xat which many others members were using.


This was an average year for eebbee, but he started taking hiatuses.


He was very inactive in 2012 and finally quit in September.


After being gone for almost 3 years, he unexpectedly returned with a 1-month membership in January. He never renewed after this and may or may not come back in the near future.