Hey guys, this is Fire speaking. Been a long time I've been on the Zimmer Twins but I wanted to come back and fix up my autobiography. I'm a Canadian user that had actually been on the Zimmer Twins website for as long as I could of remembered. I made a fairly popular series called Stranded on the old website and I remember some other great movie makers as well.

Under a different username, I joined early 2007 and I learned of Zimmer Twins since I watched the Telepicks on Teletoon. At first, I hadn't really gotten anywhere, the closest I got was a crowd pleaser. But then I came up with Stranded and I gained a lot of views on the series. I was so happy that I had finally started my own, cool mini series! My records on the Canadian website was 27325 points, 1733 movies, 420 crowd pleasers, and a must see.

Later in 2010, I joined the worldwide website and came up with my name Fire (with the trademark symbol). I wasn't too fond of the American website because they had to make some money and sell VIP. I got a free membership for a month and realized that the movie making with Eva, Edgar, and 13 was still fun! But then school came by and- well ya know- had to do school. Ever since then, I hadn't been on the Zimmer Twins for 2-3 years.

On October 2012, I came back and entered a contest for a 1-month membership. The contest was on New Years, which I then won! It was really cool coming back and joining the movie making experience again and I'm quite glad that I had came back. After my membership expired, I hadn't come back but I'd occasionally come back and remember the nostalgia :D

The reason I came back to write this was that Zimmer Twins was my inspiration. No, literally, it was basically my childhood in a nutshell. I encourage those who are creative to keep it up and maybe it will pay off one day when your directing real movies in your life. Stay awesome and keep being creative!

I also had a website. Check it out at!