GamingCash is not much of what you call Average Zimmer Twins User.


In late 2012 GamingCash made an account for the worldwide Zimmer Twins website, but he did not get VIP for a few months.

The VIP Times

When GamingCash got VIP it was for a month. He got 4 crowd pleasers in that month.

GamingCash is mostly known for his series Zimmer Agency. After a while Zimmer Agency Season 2 was made.

GamingCash is currently focused on his series Character Survival. It is about 10 campers/characters go to Camp Character to compete in challenges and win. GamingCash himself signed up for Character Survival in a few episodes he made fun of his character with lazyness and memory loss in episode 9 his character had no problems anymore. His character is still competing in the season though.

GamingCashs first must see was called Golden Super Tuna which is about 13 seeing something about golden tuna on TV and the TV made a mistake about saying tuna. Gamingcash currently has 3 must see's and 40 crowd pleasers

At that time he got VIP for the first time their was only 10-20 active VIP members, almost the end of ZT for a say.

When he got VIP for the second time he was known "Now Showing" Cash for having an average of 88 now showing movie a day. That all changed when he tried to play roblox again. He got addicted to roblox and quit ZT. But on 1/22/14 he returned, just 12 days after his b-day!

GamingCash permantetly left ZT in order to finish his roblox movie, and to start his roblox machinima making career.

"I don't really care if I was forgotten or not, it looks like I was, but either way I don't care, I feel ready for the next step of movie making." -GamingCash

Outside of ZT

Roblox   SniffableCash71

Club Penguin   Tehepicagent

Xbox Live   killerCash71

Mincecraft PC  Gamingcash71 (Dont play it much)

Poptropica killerCash71