Jorge FTW On Computer

Jaaszi's fan character, Jorge

Jaaszi is a Zimmer Twins user. He has created series such as Video games universe. Right now he haves 32 crowd pleasers and 4 must-sees. He also has 2 OCs (Own Characters) Jorge and Jirse. Jorge has appeared in a few series outside of Jaaszi's movies. One of them is AYZE? (made by catboy). He also had his own movie NOT made by Jaaszi! (It is unknown what the title is called or WHO made it. Actually, Jaaszi forgot all that information. XD) Jirse however, hasn't been in a series outside of Jaaszi's movies at ALL.

His bar thing right now.

Jaaszi ms

A clip from one of Jaaszi's must-sees, The Ancestor Recipe

Video game universe

Video game universe, more commonly known as VGU, is a series by jaaszi. It stars Edgar, Eva, 13, Jaaszi, Scaredy (ThomasSlam), Aidan (Catboy), and Bookie (BookgirlZT). It puts the characters in a world of video games. He made 3 seasons of it. The sequel, Video Game Universe 2, (VGU 2) is now in progress. The chracters in the sequel is some returning chracters and new ones. So far, the new ones a Jorge and Jirse (Jaaszi). Also, he added video game chracters including, Bowser, and Sonic.exe.

More series

Jaaszi has more series then just VGU. He also makes, Zimmer Twins the movie, (Made a long time.) Heros Leros, (Canceled) Total World Challenger, (Canceled) Zimmer Twins the movie 2, (Canceled or remade) and Camp Survival.

Jaaszi's Other Accounts

Jaaszi doesn't have accounts then ZT of course. So, here we list them off.

  1. Club Penguin (NO LONGER USED): Dfrupkmu
  2. Minecraft: crashby/PumpkinMan (I change my username every now and then.
  3. Youtube: PumpkinMan Gaming (Unless you want your eardrums destroyed, please do not look up my channel.)
  4. Scratch: Jaaszi
  5. ToonTown Rewritten: Flappy Mcpow
  6. Some Wikias: TripleJ3


1. Some of his other accounts are also named Jaaszi

2. When he was young, Jaaszi thought hate was a bad word

3. Jaaszi's user name is almost based of his anitoles

4. His most favorite food is Pizza

5. Almost all of Jaaszi's movies, 13 is the main character

6. Jaaszi's series ZT Bloopers is based of a Youtuber supermarioglitchy's series of bloopers. Favorite one:

7. Jaaszi has a stuffed animal and still sleeps with it.

8. Don't read to much into that last trivia... o_o

9. Jaaszi is the latest spotlight user.

10. There is no more interesting trivia.