The Zimmer Twins are an animated brother-and-sister duo. They have experienced the occult; once ordinary children, they were granted psychic powers after they found a stray black cat, which they decided to name and adopt afterwards. Surrounded by a supernatural community, they must learn to adapt to both their powers and everyday life. Edgar, a mentally and culturally deficient boy, gets kicks out of causing mayhem and takes his psychic powers for granted. Eva, a quiet and studious girl, is more cautious with her powers and in general, but she is capable of having fun when the time is suitable. The  cat, named 13, has many human qualities, such as having the ability to speak and reason. He also loves tuna. 


On the Zimmer Twins website, which originated from Canada and is managed by Zinc Roe and produced by Lost the Plot Productions, members can use a simple interactive movie maker detailing the Twins’ adventures, be them relatively usual or downright strange. Members may also publish endings to already-animated beginnings and collaborate with other users in making movies. Personal movies are completely free to make, albeit with some restrictions. Purchasing a membership (which costs $4.95 per month or $19.95 for 6 months) with the website provides you with the publicity of your movies, more clips to add in them, and the ability of commenting freely on blogs and movies created by other members. Should your membership run out, you will not be automatically charged for renewal. Movies can be made on the site for free on a non-VIP membership- their movies will be private, with fewer clips. Non-VIP members are also limited to certain phrases they can use when commenting.  The website is especially designed for young children, but the website has attracted people of older demographics, such as teenagers and young adults. Until 2010, specially selected movies were shown on  television.