Pigle33 is a troublemaker on Zimmer Twins that got banned. He was active from May 2010 to early 2011.


The history of how Pigle33 found ZT was unknown. He became a member in late March 2010. Pigle made normal movies until he started to get mad somehow and swore at other users. His first bad movie had the "F" word in it. He started spamming the "Now Showing Page" on ZT and making movies that insulted other users and the mods. After an hour, he was stopped and banned by the ZT mods. One user, Zimkedz1, claimed to be his brother.

In June 2010 many users started to create websites and advertised them on ZT. Pigle33 (or someone who was impersonating as him) went on one of the chats and cussed at other users. He started a fight that attracted many other users on ZT to come and help fight Pigle33. He threatened to hack other users, but most ZT members didn't believe that he could hack.

Around December 2010 or January 2011 Pigle33 mysteriously disappeared and he was never seen on ZT or the chat boxes again.

In August 2018, LastPower, the alias of zimkedz1, confirmed in his final movie that Pigle33 was his brother. He also confirmed that he did not want to reveal that he was zimkedz1 due to the fact that he did not want to be accused of being Pigle33.