Portal Warriors 3: Final Vengeance was an upcoming film series on, created by Dragunov_1. It was what most fans are agreeing to be the "best film in the series". It takes place 3 hours after the epilogue of the previous film. Although the main characters of the first two films were Megadude and Natanel, the third film was going to focus on Viper and Hayley. The main antagonist is the character Claw, who has appeared in the previous films.


Spoilers have been made to show how the series will turn out. Two new characters, Nalia and Shadow, have been confirmed to join the protagonists. Dragunov_1 has also confirmed that the final chapter for the film, and the final chapter of the series, will be live-action. Goku, who has disappeared after Chapter 4 in Portal Warriors 2, will have his fate seen in the third film as well.


The series, however, due to schoolwork and low VIP membership, ended up in the cancellation of the Portal Warriors series.

PW3 Final trailer screenshot