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On August 1, 2020, JCee, a site editor, published a blog post after a whole year without new blog posts being posted. The blog post confirmed that the Zimmer Twins website is going to go offline and be fully shut down. JCee also stated that all VIP Memberships have been taken off-sale, and new movies and comments cannot be published onto the website.

The Zimmer Twins website was initially closed down on August 8, 2020, at 1:52 PM EDT, but later came back online again for unknown reasons. The site finally closed down for good on August 10, 2020 with a new splash screen thanking the Zimmer Twins community.

Blog Post (Transcript)

"Sadly the day has come to announce the end of the Zimmer Twins. One week from now the ZimmerTwins [sic] website will shut down. As of today we will no longer accept new memberships or allow comments or new movies. Refunds will be issued for any outstanding memberships. If you wish to view a favourite movie one last time, now is your chance.

15 years ago the Zimmer Twins was created as a platform for open ended storytelling. Over that time we have made over a million movies and broadcast hundreds of television shorts. We are very proud of our product.

It has been a privilege watching you grow and share your adventures. Every one of you has created some fantastic stories. You have made Zimmer Twins thrive.

We want to thank our community of story builders who have brought Edgar and Eva to life over the past decade.

Now there is only one thing left to do.

Keep telling awesome stories!

The Zimmer Twins Team"


It has not been publicly confirmed as to why the website shut down on August 10th. However, there are many possible reasons that could have lead to the unfortunate shutdown of the website. None of these reasons are confirmed, but are based on popular community speculation.


Parts of the Zimmer Twins website required Adobe Flash. On July 25, 2017, Adobe announced they would discontinue Flash within three years. Support by Adobe ended on December 31, 2020, and the plugin was blocked from running by default on January 12, 2021.

However, the Zimmer Twins website never switched over to any supported equivalents such as HTML5 or WebAssembly before its shutdown, despite being given three years to transition.


The website has been losing a lot of moderators' activity, as they have been focused on other apps and websites. This lead to fewer must-sees and blog posts being created, and lots of users have also began leaving the website. This would have lead to a loss of sales of the website's VIP memberships. After fifteen years, it was beginning to get hard to find a reason to keep the website up.


The website on September 9, 2020

On or before September 9, 2020, the site's DNS hosting expired and showed an error page. This was also shown at Zimmer Twins at School.

On or around November 12, 2020, both web domains were bought and replaced with another website, of whose specifics are too inappropriate to be discussed here. However, by November 18th, 2020, the splash screen was restored.

As of at least January 24, 2021, both domains no longer connect to any servers. Attempting to visit them will result in a "server not found" error being given by the browser.

The zimmertwins.com domain is expected to expire on March 26, 2023, and the zimmertwinsatschool.com domain on September 22, 2021.


Zimmer Twins Archival Project

Zimmer Twins Archival Project (a.k.a. The Zimmer Twins Archive) is a project created by the Zimmer Twins community to archive various parts of the website for use in web browsers for years to come past 2020, replacing Zimmer Twins Rewritten. Currently, the movie editor with all VIP clips (it cannot save movies), and some movies (albeit as video files), most Extras from the original website and formerly demos, are available.

Between December 8-11, 2020, the website went down as the hosting was cancelled, before later coming back, albeit in reduced form, with only a smaller collection of movies than before. A new developer volunteered to work on the back end, amongst other things, for a more complete project.

  1. Website link: http://www.zimmertwins.co.uk/movie/frontpage/
  2. Movie editor link: http://www.zimmertwins.co.uk/movie/create/
  3. Former movie player link (could play 13 Talks, now leads to a 404 error): http://www.zimmertwins.co.uk/movie/player/
  4. Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/pyNG4uEaMB


zimmertwins.cf is a project by Cy's Junk and -GammaRay- to recreate the original look and feel of the website before it shut down. While the website is currently not optimized for modern browsers, work is ongoing. The movie maker, extras, spotlight, and other help pages are available.