Golden idols

Golden Idol's logo from 2008

The Golden Idol award's was a competion in 2008 held on the Canadian Sites. It started on September 20, 2008. The top 3 members with the most votes won the Golden Idols. The Top 3 movies were The Not-So Big Escape by matmat, Never Steal Public Items by speed16 and The Brain Sucker Helmet by crazylaser. The golden Idol awards also had 7 finalists that do not make it to the top 3. A few of the fanalists were: youwatupG, moon_baby, and vik19. The rest of the finalists are unknown.

When the Winners were chosen, a 30 minute short called "Zimmer Twins: The Golden Idol Awards" was aired on Teletoon on September 20, 2008 in French and September 26, 2008 in English.

To watch Zimmer Twins: The Golden Idol Awards:

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== The Story Edgar watches TV. Eva walks in and tells him what he's doing, while he turns the remote into a cake, much to Eva's disgust. They spot 13 on TV, presenting the Awards, much to Eva's surprise as 13 was supposed to do it next week. Then they run out of the house, trying to get as fast as they can to the awards. They then spot 13 on TV, giving out one of the idols to matmat. They then get lured into Mme Pshcyo's deli, to tell them what and what not to do. They then try and teleplort there, only to be taken to a museum. Edgar thinks it's backstage and touches an idol, only for it to reveal a cat. They run into the 13th dimension and spots a blimp, showing 13 giving out the second award to speed16. They alost get squashed by a big idol, only to be saved by a mystery button. They then teleport to various places before teleporting into a chinese restaurant. Edgar, being greedy, stuffs up all the food while Eva watches the last idol being given to crazylaser. They then teleport to the stage. ==