The Savior was a popular sci-fi/action series by coolman97 on Zimmer Twins. Each season ended with a cliffhanger.

Season 1

In the pilot episode, Edgar finds out that he is the Savior of the world. After that he, Eva and 13 are captured by Dr. Pain-Grabber and his army. Dr. Pain-Grabber has an assistant named Crystal. A group of Edgar's and 13's friends need to save them.

Season 2

The second season starts of with the friends being on a strange planet. They go to a store that is owned by a man named Yucalopapaa , who joins the quest. They meet a strange girl who is a mind reader. More people join the quest. Later, during the night, three of the friends - Jake, David and Tori - are kidnapped by the villains. Crystal soon gets destroyed. The army has tracked down the kids, and they are ready for war. It soon ends. In the finale, everybody has to leave the 17th parallel and go to the 18th.

Season 3

In this season, the heroes have to go from parallel to parallel. Kenza joins the group, but is actually evil. His first victim is Ice.


The series is presumed to be cancelled, as coolman97 lost his VIP membership in May 2012 and hasn't renewed since.