The Spotlight Page is a page on Each month a VIP user gets put up there chosen by one of the moderator's of the site. On the page, there will be the VIP user and underneath would be the reason why that moderator chose it.

The Spotlight Page came out at the same time when the VIP came out with What ever being the first person. The most recent person is emr247 who was posted by JCee on September 24, 2018. When you first come to the page, there will be a number of the 3 recent VIP members put up there, but above there is the more button to see all the VIP members that have been on the Spotlight.

2017 is currently the only year without a spotlight member. Also, the longest delay between Spotlight members was from Delta8 (December 9, 2016) to emr247 (September 24, 2018), or 1 year, 9 months, and 16 days.

Underneath the spotlight, there is the most recent VIP users who have not purchased a VIP previously, with their name and their profile picture they have chosen above. You can click on the new VIP members by clicking on their name which takes you to their profile.

The Spotlight Page is located on the left-hand side below Make A Movie and Extra's with the symbol being an orange stage-like spotlight.

List of spolight members

From first to most recent.

  1. What ever
  2. jonyjon98
  3. hudj
  4. jersey113
  5. Mia123
  6. smiley23
  7. Sonicfan84
  8. munchlax
  9. Rue
  10. 6spiders
  11. CoolieYork
  12. Theodore
  13. Ahcoo
  14. Tobycat
  15. Blahbumian
  16. oatmeal9
  17. lucky gal
  18. pills900
  19. Dragunov 1
  20. JamesH2011
  21. Imastamper
  22. 8knight
  23. Surfer45
  24. Kelley
  25. stylin
  26. JessicaFin
  27. hayleyvic
  28. penguin440
  29. Sue22
  30. iashley
  31. Rhedd
  32. Ben99
  33. Iceskater
  34. Rad256
  35. Kristila51
  36. wordgirl
  37. Halkeiki
  38. Macheese6
  39. icookoobir
  40. ThomasSlam
  41. CMMC
  42. mc21
  43. MegaGamer1
  44. abbeybunny
  45. Supertwist
  46. jaaszi
  47. Delta8
  48. emr247