Theodore (known as Primo) is a user from Zimmer Twins and he's one of the most famous members, who later became a troll.

He first discovered ZT in 2009 when his cousin showed him the website on his birthday. His brother made an account called "Theodore". He made some movies, but a few days later, he gave up his account to his older brother. The older brother became the owner of the account since then.

Theodore used to make violent movies like "13's Uncle died" or movies that include fighting. He recieved a lot of warnings, but that all stopped. He made fans with users like bana, or PGFunky. He continued making movies until VIP came.

When VIP came, Theodore was awarded free VIP for a year. He continued making movies, and watching movies and he also made friends with a lot of users. When Pigle33 came, and trouble comes to ZT, he tried to convince ZT users to stop fighting and he became really popular than before.

Theodore evenually got bored of ZT and was inactive for a month. He didn't notice that his VIP expired. In the middle of July, he became interested in the site again and renewed his membership. Everyone celebrated his return. He continued making movies, but still didn't earn any must sees.

His VIP expired on January 2012. A month later, he renewed and made movies. He still didn't make any must sees. After his VIP expired in March, he promised he would come back Summer 2012 but changed his mind due to fights on ZT and spamming.

Theodore renewed his VIP on July 12th 2012.

Theodore retired from ZT until he started to come back in August 2014. He is currently chatting with other ZT users on Rad's chat. He is active with current and former Zimmer Twins users across the web. He is also an active member of The Fano Nation

As of September 3rd, 2014, Theodore has been banned for continuously posting inappropriate movies and comments on ZT. According to him, he was purposely trying to get banned because he didn't really need his ZT account anymore.