"Total Zimmer" was a hit series by Australian user What ever. It premiered in June 2011, and was cancelled in September 2012, around the time What ever stopped using ZT on a regular basis.


The series is based in the Canadian TV Show Total Drama, which What ever is a huge fan of.

Season One

Season One is called Total Zimmer Island just like Total Drama Island.

In June 2011, What ever made a sign up video for the show and soon started it. The first contestant eliminated was Frekls (frekls). The runner-up was William (rad256) and the winner was Blah (Blahbumian). The season finale was in October 2011.

Some character relationships evolved. The most popular one is probably William (rad256) and Tori (jrose2002). Another popular one was Zack (zimmaman13) and Alicia (awesomegir)

Total Zimmer Island 8.7 Whatever screenshot

From Total Zimmer Island! 8.7

Season Two

Season Two is called Total Zimmer Action just like Total Drama Action'.

Soon after the season finale, What ever started the second season. Some of the characters returned, and some new ones were added. Billy (JamesH2011) is the first eliminated. William and Tori break up, with Tori dating Jake (wyatt12) and William dating Bethannie (kyliaa1). It has been planned that they leave the show to become rappers. Zack and Alicia haven't returned this season, but they host special episodes (Total Zimmer Aftermath) that airs after six episodes, just like in the real show.

This season was never completed.

Total Zimmer Action: Terror Begins

"Total Zimmer Action: Terror Begins", better known as "TZA: TB" is a series by Dragunov_1 about his character Nick who first appears in the second season. It is about his dark past and secrets, and why the character is so famous for his visions of the future.