Total Zimmer Desert is a series created by Surfer45. It was created in winter 2012, and ended in summer 2013. It had 17 parts. It is the sequel to Total Zimmer Forest.


6 months after the events of TZF, all of the 19 contestants from the earlier season, and a new character named James are dropped off in the Schari Desert, a section of the Mojave Desert in Nevada, USA. They compete for 1,000,000 dollars just like last season.


Host, Courtney, Tim, Haley, Karolina, Sasha, Edna, Sheila, Trixie, Katniss, Arietty, Katie, Jordan, Sissy, Toby, Mac, Kris, Alex, Alyssa, Jack, Cathy, James, Allen, Various Interns, Security Guards, Trench-coated Men

Elimination Order

Name Gender Original Team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Jordan Male N/A 19th 1 Lost challenge
Sissy Female Desert Dunes 18th 2 Lost challenge for team, rudeness
Arriety Female Running Sandstorms 17th 3 Poor participation
Halley Female Dunes 16th 4 Stupidity
Alyssa Female Sandstorms 15th 5 Poor participation.
Courtney Female Dunes 14th 6 Rudeness, poor participation.
Sasha Female Dunes 13th 7 Lost challenge for team.
Edna Female Sandstorms 12th 8 Losing challenge for team, annoying.
Shiela Female Teams were disbanded in this episode. 11th 9 Losing challenge with group, made horrible food.
Katniss Female N/A 10th 10 None given.
Kris Female N/A 9th 11 Disability to comply with anybody.
Mac Male N/A 8th 12 Poor participation.
Trixie Female N/A 7th 13 Lost challenge
Katie Female N/A 6th 14 Lost challenge, horrifying participation.
Tim Male N/A 5th 15 Brought everyone into life-threatening situations.
Toby Male N/A 4th 16 Losing challenge.
James Male N/A 3rd 16 Losing challenge.
Jerry Male N/A 2nd 17 Although the final showdown never took place, Jerry was declared runner-up because of him not training hard enough. Alex took the million since he trained harder.
Alex Male N/A 1st 17 See above.


The third Total Zimmer series by Surfer45 was announced after the finale of TZD. It was called Total Zimmer Rescue, and was to follow the story of Surfer's capture at the end of Total Zimmer Desert, but the series was ultimately canceled on October 31, 2013 after 2 parts were made. On November 6, 2013 the true sequel to Total Zimmer Desert, Total Zimmer History, debuted and featured a whole new cast and host.