Total Zimmer Forest is a popular series created by Surfer45. It was created in fall 2012, and ended in winter 2012. It had 18 parts.


19 teenagers ranging from the ages of 13 to 17 go on a competitive game show to win 1 million dollars. Every day, they do challenges and whichever team wins avoid elimination while the losing time must vote off one of their own. When 10 contestants are left, the teams are disbanded and it is every man for himself after that. It is based off of the Canadian television series Total Drama.


Host, Courtney, Tim, Haley, Karolina, Sasha, Edna, Sheila, Trixie, Katniss, Arietty, Katie, Jordan, Sissy, Toby, Mac, Kris, Alex, Alyssa, Jack, Cathy, James Various Interns

Elimination Order

Name Gender Original Team Rank voted off Episode voted off Reason voted off
Halley Female Team 2 18th 1 Stupidity
Mac Male Team 1 17th 2 Lost challenge for team
Karolina Female Team 1 16th 3 Poor participation and ticking off teammates by always speaking in Spanish when she knows English.
None Male Team 1 was up for elimination N/A 4 N/A
Sasha Female Team 1 15th 5 Poor participation.
Shiela Female Team 2 14th 6 Rudeness, poor participation.
Edna Female Team 1 13th 7 Annoying.
Toby Male Team 1 12th 8 Losing challenge for team.
Trixie Female Team 2 11th 9 Poor participation.
Alex Male Teams were disbanded in this episode. 10th 10 Rudeness, making illegal alliances.
Arriety Female N/A 9th 11 Stubborness.
None N/A N/A N/A 12 N/A
Jordan and Katniss Male and Female N/A Jordan: 8th; Katniss: 7th 13 Jordan accidentally caused massive damage to the kitchen, and was booted off by the host for it. Katniss made a horrible treat during the cooking challenge.
Kris Female N/A 6th 14 Poor participation.
Sissy Female N/A 5th 15 Being very rude and stubborn.
Courtney Female N/A 4th 16 Losing challenge.
Katie Female N/A 3rd 17 Last in challenge.
Alyssa Female N/A 2nd 18 Lost Snow Run challenge
Tim Male N/A 1st 18 Winner


About a month after Total Zimmer Forest ended, Total Zimmer Desert, the sequel to TZF, started.