The Zimmer Twins Psychic Power Battle 2013 is 5-part film created by [d1_studios] shown on It shows the two stars, Edgar and Eva, fight to see who's powers are better. In the end, Eva wins the fight. It is a spoof of Smosh's Food Battle.


In the backyard of the Zimmer house, Edgar attempts to use his powers so he can set his house on fire, due to the fact he wants to see a fire truck saving his house. Eva tells he is too young, and his powers are weaker. The duo get into a fight, and propose a battle to see who wins in the end of the day.

Edgar manages to win in Monster Summoning, Musical, and Karate, while Eva wins in Wagon, Monster Summoning, Virus, and Karate, only for Eva to turn into an alien since Edgar cursed her. However, this backfires when she hires an alien henchman to destroy him. She soon turns back into a human.

13 interviews Eva for her victory. She ends up playing Zork (uninviting 13 first) on her computer, only for someone (more likely to be Edgar) in her room, announcing that he wants a rematch, assuming that there will be another battle for 2014.


The video has recieved average ratings, with a final of 3/5.